8 Ball Pool Tricks, Tips & Hacks


Hey guys. Can anyone tell me some tips and tricks or even hacks for 8 Ball Pool? I’ve been playing it for a little while now and I’m not getting wins like as I expected so I was wondering if someone could tell me some hacks or their tricks to help me get wins.


I haven’t played 8 ball pool so can’t give you any tips from my side.


There was an app that people including me, used to win games. What that used to do was give you longer lines than usual so you get an exact aim for where your ball is going to go. So that made playing game so easy but after like a week or so peoples who were using it got banned for cheating as this is an online game and it is easy to track if someone is cheating. I couldn’t find that app otherwise I would’ve let you know about it.


I recommend you don’t use cheats. Use tricks but don’t use cheats as it makes it so easy to play and win games and after some time it gets really boring and you wouldn’t like to play it anymore as there is no challenge left.


What I recommend doing and what I myself do and came up with is get a cardboard piece that is bigger than your screen and is straight like a coaster or something and once it’s your turn just aim for the ball you want to hit and put the cardboard on the white line and see where it is going to end up as shown in the picture below. So that way you’ll get a physical extended line. It takes some practice but just after 1 or 2 games, you’ll get the idea of how to use it. Try this and you’ll thank me. :blush:


Yes man. I’ve also heard this on a YouTube video or somewhere and I’ve been doing it since then. Amazing invention.


It actually gets boring after using cheats as there is no challenge left in it. I don’t recommend using any kind of cheats.


I tried using cheats but just after 1 hour my account got banned I don’t know how and now all of my achievements are gone. So if you really care about your achievements then don’t try this.