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Any working best Pokemon GO IV Calculators?

I am looking for the best working Pokemon GO IV calculator as I like to view more in-depth details of all the Pokemon I have caught.

For those of you who are wondering, I was using IV Go app but seems like there is a risk of my PoGo account getting banned for logging into third-party app as it is against the games TOS. So I completely stopped using it and looking for the best alternatives that is safe and does not require me to log in or use my Pokemon account.

There are a couple of Pokemon GO IV calculator apps I have been using for quite a while now on my Android devices. And both of them are automated and do not require you to login to your Pokemon account.

These apps calculate Pokemon IV score including Combat Points (CP), HP, attack, and defense using the provided screenshot or they can also be set to the “screenshot mode” where it uses an overlay mode so you won’t need to manually take screenshots to analyze IVs and attacks.

Here are those two best Pokemon IV calculator apps for Android:

  1. GoIV (link below).
  2. Calcy IV:

Both of them are simple, completely safe, and allows you to check/calculate Pokemon IV without getting banned.

However, GoIV is no longer available on the Google Play Store. You need to download the latest version of GoIV from their official GoIV GitHub page:

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Thanks for the sites.

I have seen my friends using Poke Genie on their phone to quickly calculate Pokemon, which according to them is the best Pokemon GO IV calculator app. It works very fast and calculates all the values of the selected Pokemon within a matter of seconds with accuracy. The app has filters, ability to set IV, even allows them to add favorites. It has a whole Pokedex section.

I have never tried Pokemon GO IV app on Android but I am looking forward to try Calcy IV as it is already available on the Google Play Store. Also, it seems like there is no Poke Genie for Android on the Play Store. If you guys have any info about it then update me. I have heard some great reviews about its calculation reliability from my friends.

Im using “IV Go” app, its quite neat