Asus Zenfone Zoom Constant High Disk Activity with Lag


Hello there! I have an Asus Zenfone Zoom (ZX551ML) that occasionally experiences a random high (internal/system) storage device write activity. It won’t stop until I restart it. What’s really frustrating is that I cannot track which app uses the memory chip, because the system monitor doesn’t provide such information. There are no system monitoring apps that can make such information (the disk usage per and by app) available; I can only see the chip having a high write rate, but I cannot track which app does that.

The occurrence is apparently random - it happened one time after I used the camera and one time, recently, after I plugged the charger in. It also happened after I resumed from sleep. It stays somewhere between 50 and 100 KB/s and it causes a bit of lag - just some dropped frames; it doesn’t affect the performance consistently but it’s obviously abnormal and anyone would want it fixed.

I attached a screenshot taken from the app Simple System Monitor. I used more system monitoring apps and all of them provide the same results, so it’s definitely not a matter of monitoring app malfunctioning.

Does anybody experience the same thing or it’s just me? I’m looking forward to a solution. Thank you!

System details:

operating system - Android 6.0.1;
Android security patch level - April 5, 2017;
firmware version - WW_4.21.40.314.


100KB/s is normal. May be phone is not good enough to handle this speed. Most SD card can support up to 100MB/s


@Zaid_Rynes When was the first time you encountered this problem and how long you have been using this phone?


This is totally normal if your phone don’t lag too much, else remove useless apps and hopefully perfomance will improve.


Kill all background apps and see if the problem persist.


Its also possible that apps are downloading or uploading something in background. Backup apps are quite common.


Thank you very much for your replies over my issue!

@Danny, these are some benchmark results of the memory chips, so it doesn’t seem to be a matter of speed here -

This is how the system behaves usually, just like any Android smartphone, before that thing kicks in - a few readings here and a few writings there, with minimal usage.

Paul101, alexbell and clark, I killed all the apps through the power of “force stop” and the write activity refuses to stop. It’s definitely something in the background… some Asus root stuff that cannot be stopped (apparently). I turned all the backup features off, but to no use. They were turned off from the beginning anyway, and this thing started before I installed apps consistently. I have the phone since October, the last year, and it displayed this behavior by that time. I didn’t pay much attention to the disk activity and when I saw it, I was like “WHAT IS THAT?!”.

@Blake, I might have exaggerated a bit about the “slight lag” thing; it occurred when I was in some app [and I cannot irrefutably track it down to this memory write state], but overall, no performance seems to be affected.

An Asus moderator said it’s normal and that the system is doing “maintenance tasks” [I cannot insert the link to that forum thread.], but I don’t buy it. (What kind of maintenance tasks are those?) I don’t see having a such constant write rate as normal… going on forever until you restart the phone.

Thank you all very much!

(On a side note, I’m don’t know why was my post flagged and hidden by the community, haha.)


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300KB use is normal for the disk. It’s less than 1% of total write capacity, so you should’t be worry about this. There are a lot of process going in the background.


Many system and Google apps keep collecting data from mobile sensors and there are many other process that run in backgorund so this amount of memory usage doesn’t make any difference at all.


Many thanks for your replies! It’s been 11 days since I haven’t restarted my phone (270 hours of up-time) and the write simply doesn’t stop - it stays there, at the same constant rate. Isn’t that unnecessary wear to the phone’s storage? I never saw any Android device displaying such weird behaviors. Sometimes it goes down a little, during sleep or shortly after resuming sleep.

@alexbell, is there a way to properly turn off this collection of data? I’d rather tend to think it’s some buggy Asus stuff instead of Google services doing that. I have a “beta” Asus firmware, so it may have something to do with that. I don’t know…


This is embarrassing… what was causing the issue is the accelerometer apparently. I turned the “Auto-rotate” function off.

Also, WhatsApp may be causing this occasionally. What you need to do is press the “Back” button while you have the app’s main page opened. That way, you’ll send it in the background. If the constant disk activity doesn’t cease however, just close it.