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Battery Low Indication Setting

Hey guys. I just wanted to ask that where can I find the settings for low battery indication on my phone.

What are you exactly talking about? The battery percentage or what? Please let us know.

I guess he is talking about the battery percentage indicator which is displayed on the notification panel.

If that’s the case then it is really easy. You just have to go the settings > battery and percentage > and search for any option related to that on that screen.

If you don’t find that over there you can also go to your settings > Notification Panel > and from there navigate to the settings for the battery percentage. Mostly it is located in the battery and percentage settings but you can check here too if you can’t find it there.

If you are using the old Motorola devices then it is not going to be displayed on the notification panel since it is not designed to be displayed there. You can find it if you pull your notification panel down > then tap on the top right option on the notification panel and it will show you more options related to your wifi, Bluetooth etc, with the battery percentage on the top right corner*. If you tap on that, you’ll find the option to enable or disable the power saving mode. Hope this helps.

If you’re using the lineage OS, like me, then you can also change the color of the battery icon and even the shape and design of the battery icon. You can also change the position of the time and the battery displayed.

Where can we do that from? Please let me know, I’m really curious.

It’s really simple and easy. Just go to your settings > status bar > and there you’ll find all the options to do these things.