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Best Android App For Splitting Up Bills Between Friends

I am currently planning to go on a trip with my friends but as usual, it is really hard to split up bills between us and it is really awkward to ask your friend to pay his debts and it is really hard to do it afterward. So I was looking for an app that would make it easier for us to do this.

Is someone aware of these kinds of apps, Please Help?

Yes, you are absolutely correct about the fact that it is really hard to do it afterward and it is also really embarrassing to ask your friends for your money also.

Yes, I have an app in mind called Splitwise. This is the best app that you can use for your trip since it has a lot of features like you can create a group and add all your friends in this app and everybody can update their expenses over there.
You can even add receipts or notes with every bill so that you can remember which bill is for which purchase. And you can also set reminders, and send your friends reminders about their dues.

This app also allows everybody to pay their debts at that moment by using Paypal or PayTM (Indian Users).

So we can pay it on our way too?

Yes, that’s the best part of this app.

What if one of our friends isn’t using an android device?

This app is available on Android as well as apple and if your friend doesn’t have a smartphone, he can use the web from is pc or laptop to pay bills to everybody he owns money to.

Can you give us the link for the app?

Yeah sure, this link is given below.

It is really very hard to split the money when we go out with our friends. Thank you so much for the app suggestion. The app is really nice and easy to use. I am personally using this.