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Best Apps to Hack In-App Purchases on Android

Want to get free in-app purchases Android instead of Paying, here I will be sharing four best apps to hack in App purchases.
I can’t Guarantee that they will work but in most of the cases, they are woking fine.

These App will help you get features inside an app that requires you to pay like Coins, Gems, diamond, and characters. You are going to get them for free by using these apps.

Apps To Hack in App Purchases
These are three most useful apps:

Lucky Patcher

It’s one of best apps to get free in-app purchases
Download it manually from this link.

Some more features of this app:

  1. Apply Custom Patch to get full version of apps or some special
  2. features.
  3. Remove license verification from paid apps.
  4. Remove ads from free apps. Get free in-app purchases in android apps and games.

Cree Hack

This one is amazing because it does not require root access, you can use this app to easily get in app purcahses for free, use it and let me know if it work or not for you.
The Creehack tool is essential when it comes to accessing games for free where it is required for a user to make purchases. This tool works for most games for Android users, hence they can download the app and start using it.

Download it here.

Freedom APK

Freedom Android app will let you unlock the premium features of popular games free of cost, this is a hacking tool that bypasses the credit checking system of Google Play and uses a fake credit card to pay for the premium features. You should use this at your own risk, it also requires you to root your Android phone, so only use if your phone is rooted.


  1. Premium features inside games and apps for free.
  2. Get free in-game upgrades which usually requires money.
  3. Buy coins, tools and extra features without any cost.

Download it here https://freedomapk.info/

Use them and let me know which works for you and which won’t.


Thanks for sharing this awesome info @Shahid_Iqbal :thumbsup:

I never really heard about Cree Hack and Freedom APK. But I have tried Lucky Patcher to hack in-app purchases of one of the games I used to play. It worked well.

FYI, anyone who is interested, please make sure you download Lucky Patcher APK from their official website. There are a lot of fake ones on the Internet that can harm your Android device.

Here’s the official link: https://lucky-patcher.netbew.com/download/

Actually none of these works in most of the cases.

But some time it work for me.

You are right. It completely depends on the app you are trying to hack the in-app purchases of. Actually, if the targeted servers are strong and secured then none of the above apps is going to help you with hacking Google Play in-app purchases.

I have used creehack and after trying too many times, I discovered that it works mostly on offline apps. Apps which require undeterred internet access are usually secured with such hacks.

You are right. These hacks only work on apps that store their data on local storage instead of company server. It’s not possible for Creehack to change online apps data as data is stored on a cloud server and no one can modify it except app itself.

But it’s still useful for offline apps. I have tried it and it worked perfectly for many apps.

Freedom apk was working great but I noticed that the prices no longer change to 0.00 but display original prices. Is this normal? I was still able to get purchases from a game but now in that game it crashes Everytime I login to Google play. What has happened?

Maybe the game you are trying to hack in-app purchases with Freedom has received a new update from developers to fix the loophole.

If you are interested, then I will suggest you to try doing the same with Lucky Patcher. Give it a go and let me know how it works. :slight_smile:

The lucky patcher thing sadly does not work most of the time…

But Creehack and Freedom still work and are amongst the best. But memory editors are the best tools for hacking android offline games in my opinion, because they work on all games and you can learn a lot using them :slight_smile:

Thanks this topic was helpful.

Thanks for sharing! It is great to see methods to get free In App Purchases. I use Lucky patcher to hack in app purchases. What I most like is that I don’t need root access to hack in app purchases with Lucky patcher! I am save some money since I can have free In App Purchases for trial.

To Android users, this is based on user requirements, what kind of mobile app does user need, if user wants to manage the phone data, he can buy Android manager and Android assistant, if the user wants to clean up phone space, his needs will be different.
PS, I’m using Android Rescuer --Android manager

I use Android Assistant from MobiKin, works well on managing my Samsung phone data.

Nothing works 100% but my favorites are CreeHack, Leo PlayCard, AppSara

Freedom App is way better than Luckypatcher to do free in-app purchases. Freedom app also works on windows pc without crashing

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Thanks for sharing this info.

Freedom is a good android cracking app

There are a ton of amazing Android apps out there. However, their usefulness is usually limited to the habits of the people using them. These apps shouldn’t have those problems.