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Best Browser App In Your Opinion

I was just wondering what the people over the world are using as their browser so I made a topic for that. I use the original browser let’s see what other people have to say about it.

I have been using Chrome browser and I love it. It’s fast, easy to use and according to my needs. I love this browser.

I do like chrome browser but as my internet connection is not that fast so I use Opera Mini as my browser since it loads every page quickly.

I use the original device browser that comes with the device itself. It works fast and doesn’t give me a chance to complain. I guess that’s because it is configured and optimized according to my device and works smoothly because of that.

I use Firefox. It suits my needs and doesn’t consume a lot of my battery.

I also use Chrome browser since it is has a really nice interface and works fast and doesn’t bother me in any way.

Of course Chrome.
There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the best, and the startup speed has always been a blemish for Firefox, but for the impetuous Internet, speed is really important, even if it is a few seconds.

  1. Start speed. In Firefox and Chrome, my home page is Google, Chrome is usually open within 2 seconds, as Chrome official said “loading pages between fingertips,” and Firefox is usually 5 seconds the above.

  2. Analysis speed. Chrome uses “multiprocess-based” technology, and each site is isolated. Therefore, when encountering slowly loaded or dead pages, it will not drag down the whole Chrome, thus effectively avoiding browser crashes. This is obviously better than Firefox.

  3. Memory usage. In order to compare the memory usage, I did a test. When Chrome and Firefox both loaded 5 extensions, they all opened Google. Chrome’s total memory usage was 22,812k, while Firefox was 77,840k. However, after Firefox enabled the Memory Fox extension, memory usage dropped to 23,741k, which is basically the same as Chrome.

Besides, Private Browser-Best Android Incognito Browser is good for me. It have built-in privacy mode, and ad-blocking features. These can indeed increase the speed of opening. No annoying advertising interruptions, no one tracking my history, which makes me feel very comfortable.

I personally use Google Chrome for both Mobile and PC and I love it. <3

Google Chrome browser is the best browser app…

I use the Chrome browser to do anything…

use UC browser and now a days chrome