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Best Games like GTA For Android

GTA is my favorite game of all the time. I remember playing it from my childhood especially GTA vice city. I have played almost all the versions released by Rockstars so I am looking for some more similar games. Please suggest me some apps with good graphics which never ending story like GTA.


They are a lot of GTA version and it will take years to complete them. I have seen many localized versions of GTA too.
I have never find any game like GTA for Android. IGI was good alternative to GTA on PC.
Clash of Clans and World of Tanks are some games I would recommend you playing.

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I too like GTA. Its pretty fun to play. I play it on PC as these days PC games have separate gaming consoles that offer high quality gaming experience. If you are hardcore gamer, I would recommend you to play Fifa 18. I also Fifa 18 kaufen from Instant-Gaming and enjoying it. You can check it out.
Hope this helps!


There are many different games that have good graphics like GTA. I have one game in mind that I’ve played and had a good graphics and that is Asphalt 8.

It is one of the best and endless game that has good graphics as well as good controls.

I hope you like this. :slight_smile:

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The link to this game is given below:

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  1. Real Gangster Crime 2
  2. Grand Gangsters
  3. Gangstar Vegas … etc are the best games for Android…