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Best Hacks & Tricks for Clash Of Clans Android

Well I’ve been playing this game called “Clash Of Clans” and it’s a good game to pass your time. I’ve been playing it for quite a bit now and I just can’t win any matches, so what I’m looking for is some kind of hack or something that would help me win the game and increase my level quickly.

Hey there. You must have seen and read many articles written on the internet telling you about some hacks about the clash of clans, but when you try them, they never work. That’s because this is a network-based game and whenever you play a match with anybody the scores are first synced in the network storage then on your device so it is hard or even impossible to hack any network-based games which, in this case, is Clash Of Clans.

The theory behind this is that when your last played the game, it synced, all your scores, gems and everything associated with this game so if you alter anything by any means, it’ll revert it back to the original scores when it communicate back with server and everything that you’ve changed will come to its original settings.

So, in conclusion, there’s no way to hack Clash Of Clans (yet).

Hope this was helpful to you. :slight_smile:

So can’t we hack and play offline only, just for showing to our friends.

Sorry to say but Clash of Clans doesn’t support offline mode :confused:. So even if there were any kind of hacks or tricks, you cannot do that until the developer introduces an offline mode.

Till then you’ll have to play like everyone else does.

I heard there are some hack generators. Haven’t tried them though.

Actually, there is a way to play Clash of Clans offline on Android. I have heard from one of my friends and he said that there were some private servers with hacked resources and free upgrades without any waiting time. Since it is a completely different server and all of your data will be stored on the host, so you never know when it will be offline, which might cause unexpected loss of data if you have invested a lot of time and efforts in your base.

However, the private Clash of Clans servers gives you infinite resources including unlimited gems, unlimited coins, unlimited elixir, and unlimited dark elixir so you can build the base of your dreams without any limitations. You can do war with other players who are on the same private server. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that this will have no link with the official SuperCell Clash of Clans servers.

I have never tried CoC private servers. Maybe someone who has played Clash of Clans on private servers can share their experience with us and let us know how the game actually works.


This seems logical to me. But Games aren’t worth playing if they are not challenging.

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