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Best Professional Photo Editing Apps for Android

As our phones are getting better day by day, the camera on our phones are also getting better and some of them can even compete with high-end DSLR’s.

So today I have gathered photo editing apps which will make your photos look exquisite and marvelously beautiful.

Some of my personal favorites are listed below:


A photo editing application made by Google to edit your photos precisely and accurately. And you can even edit RAW files. I personally love this app as it has everything that I need to edit my photos including, double exposure, filters, watermarking etc.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A powerful and professional photo editing app to edit your photos on the go. Just log in to your account on your Android device and your edited photos will be saved to Adobe Creative Cloud. I personally use it almost every day because I am a photography enthusiast and I post those photos right after taking them. I just love the feature that it can remove noise from your photos.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a quick photo editing app which can make your photos interesting, colourful and vibrant. In my opinion it is an excellent app for editing photos and adding some clipart, cool filters and special fx effects to your photos. It’s a great tool for adding a story to your photos.


With this app you can edit your photos to make them look as if they were shot on a DSLR. Active Character Recognition automatically recognizes the focus area even on complex subjects accurately and precisely. I never found this app not recognizing the subject. Its subject detection feature is just awesome.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know the ones you liked the most. If you know about any photo editing app that is better than the ones I have mentioned then tell me about your suggestions. :slight_smile:

In addition, Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter is another editing tool for Android photo, which can be used to edit and manage Live Photos on Android.

PicsArt provides couple of amazing features which Google’s Snapseed can’t provide. Other, Snapseed is my favourite one so far.

  1. You-cam Perfect
  2. PicsArt Photo studio
  3. Snapseed…etc are the best photo editing apps for android…