Best sources to download MovieBox APK & Alternatives


Hello guys, I am looking for MovieBox APK for Android so that I can stream as well as download movies and TV shows directly on my tablet. But the problem is that I am unable to find the apk file anywhere on the Internet.

In case you are wondering, the reason I am asking because I used to have Apple iPad running iOS on which I had MovieBox app. It used to work really well but unfortunately, my niece broke the screen. Now I am on Android. However, the MovieBox used to have all the latest and updated list of movies, films, tv shows, cartoons, and all sort of streamable media.

The best thing I liked about the MovieBox apk is that all the full-length movies and shows were neatly organized in different genres and categories, which always used to help me in finding the right movie depending on my mood and kept me entertained. And it was optimized for mobile devices.

Can anyone here confirm if the MovieBox app is available for Android devices or not? If it is available then please guide me on how to install MovieBox apk on Android, else if not then please give me any good alternative to MovieBox Android app.



Hi Joseph, welcome to the BestForAndroid forum! :smiley:

Movie Box is actually a movie streaming app available for iOS devices only i.e. iPhone and iPad. Since you are looking for an APK that means you have a smartphone running Android OS. And for that case, I have found several working MovieBox APK alternatives for Android phones mentioned below.

:warning: Word of warning, there are many websites on the Internet providing MovieBox APK for Android, please stay away from them. All of those Movie Box APKs are fake and contain malware that might completely damage your phone and may result in permanent data loss.

For Android devices, following 3 are the best MovieBox APK alternatives that work flawlessly and have a huge movie database and provides you with endless entertainment on your mobile: :movie_camera:

  1. PlayBox HD/CinemaBox APK (
  2. ShowBox APK (
  3. Popcorn Time APK (

Apart from those, there are 9 more best movies streaming apps for Android. You can check those below:


Moviebox is amazing app but unfortunately its avaiable for Android. Dont download those free APK files. They mostly have malware installed in them.


You are right @Zaidi_Bai. If you ask me, I will suggest you to go for either ShowBox or CinemaBox. Both of them works perfectly fine on Android and have an up-to-date movies database. And they even allow downloading so you can watch those movies later. :wink:


The biggest limitation of Tv portal APK is that it just permits the users to watch two episodes within every six hours. But the good news is that you can subscribe its premium plan in case you would like to watch more than 2 episodes. In limitless number, the user has to pay $2 for watching TV shows and movies. Moreover, with the free version of TV Portal APP, you can check out the ads on your screen in order to feed its expenses. If you don’t want to see free ads then you need to buy its premium version.


Hey @Andrew_Josan, unfortunately, the TV Portal APK does not work anymore. I installed it on my phone and did not find any content. All the TV shows and movies sections are completely empty. I guess the developers stopped working on this project.

On the other hand, I found out that both, ShowBox APK as well as CinemaBox APK works without any issue on Android devices and they have a huge actively updated collection of movies and TV shows without any advertisement. :smiley:


Popcorn is best. You don’t need to us Moviebox or any alternative, just download Popcorn time and enjoy all Movies and show for free. I am using it from one year and it works perfectly.


I have tvportal and it works fine. Barely has any ads and I download and/or watch movies and tv series ALL day long with no restrictions and never paid a dime. Unfortunately they will not be making any updates to app although they continually update the movies and tv shows. Too many complaints for a great free app.


@Sintas I am just trying to help people in finding apps that are up to date, reliable, and works without any issue. Believe it or not, the TV Portal app simply doesn’t work.

After seeing your positive comment here, I decided to give the TV Portal app another shot. Tried numerous movies and TV Shows. But all I saw was a list of non-operational mirrors. Error message asked me to try another mirror. None of them worked. Please check screenshots.

I don’t know how you are claiming that an app that was last updated during August 2015 is still providing updated movies and TV shows.

Movie - The Great Wall :

TV Show - America’s Got Talent Season 12:


I can vouch for Popcorn Time. I’ve been using it since couple of months and have had zero issues. But to name a few, Newest Movies HD, Gomovies & Cinemabox are pretty much reliable options.


Popcorn time is best of all.
I use GoMovies online version and it’s quite amazing. They have a wide variety of movies compared to Popcorn time.


Moviebox app won’t install any solution…??? i am using latest windows 10.


@gadgetssai MovieBox app is designed for Android devices only. However, if you want to run it on Windows 10 then you need to use Android emulator. Some of the best ones are available here.

If you need any help with the installation then feel free to ask here. :slight_smile:


thank you @farzanhussain sir, present i am using bluestack app player but my friends suggest me to use nox app player can you tell me which one is best…???


@gadgetssai One of our forum members recently shared his views about the best Android emulator that works perfectly for him and he is using it for playing games too.

You can read more about that in the Android Emulator section. :point_left:


I usually download TV eposides through wonderfox HD pro, maybe you can try too, no need to look for some APK,lol


For Android devices, following are the best MovieBox APK alternatives that work flawlessly and have a huge movie database and provides you with endless entertainment on your mobile: Tubemate


@farzanhussain thank you bro… KO player ok i tried this from now…


Hello Dear Zaidi_Bal

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Regrets for your issue


Movies now available on apps no any app available on google play but you can find apk files to download or install movies app to watch on mobiles or you can visit this site to enjoy full length movies online.

Moviebox app is good app but if you don’t want to download anything you can just streaming direct on your browser.