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Camera Error,”camera cannot be opened”

Hey. I am recently facing a problem with my camera that whenever I tap my camera app icon, it says that I cannot open the camera. What should I do, I can’t use my camera?

Which phone do you have? And are you running a different OS?

You should definitely try restarting your phone.

I have Samsung Galaxy S4. And yes, I’m running Lineage OS. I never faced this problem before.

Did you try restarting your phone? It should help definitely.

I tried but it didn’t do anything.

Try clearing the cache of your phone. Maybe that will help.

I had the same problem and to solve this I downloaded an app called Camera Restarter. And whenever my camera doesn’t work, I just tap on this widget and it restarts your camera. When you download the app, be sure to grant the access/permission to this app from SuperSU, otherwise, it won’t work.

Thanks, bro. That solved my problem real quick and it is easy to do as well.

Can you give me the link so that I can download the exact same application as you do?

Yeah, sure. Here it is: