Can we root Lg G4?


Anyone know if this phone can gain root
Asked already but seem like none here want to try and help me my questions go with no answer for the most part .

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I joined this group thinking I would get the help I was needing and be able to chat with what I saw was great and friendly people but I have yet to get more the 2 reply… I understand my ZTE phone can not gain root at this time so how about my old phone that I no longer really use and has not received the latest security update, but when try to spoof location with that phone it just jumps me all over the world not just to me real location… Tin foil does not help


Yes you can root your Android phone.


Yes, LG G4 can be rooted. Here is a video tutorial for you.


Low Effort Root can be used to root G4.


Hey @Anthony_O_Brian_Chyn! Hello again.

@steve has provided you with a working solution to root your LG G4. The method in the video uses Low Effort Root, please follow that. In the process, if you come across any issue then feel free to ask here. We will help you further.

Good luck! :+1:


Thank you trying this now


Let me know if it works for you.