Can't Install Showbox - Help Required



I have MX8 and was having issues running shoebox 5.01. So as I have done in the past when latest version won’t run right I remove it and re-install a previous version. When I tried to install it says that I don’t have enough room to install. The app is only 40MB and I have room for 400+MB… Any suggestions?


Try installing it on your external card with extra space. Installation can require extra space.


It requires more space for installation. 40Mb is just APK size.


Delete some items from your phone and try again. If still not works, then let me know.


I removed 5.01 and am trying to install 5.0, File size is identical and I have 400MB of room


I was trying to do that from the android box, but pretty limited functionality. I could load it into a computer and load the file on the card… Thanks