Check Pokemon Go Servers Status in every country with these sites


Hi buddies. I know you may be also facing problems with Pokemon Go Game, so I wrote this post to help you out.

Pokemon is one of biggest Game in history. It smashed all download records in first few days of release. Pokemon Go servers utilization was 50% more than expected when Niantic released the Game. Somehow they managed to scale but whenever they introduce their game to another country they face a huge spike in server load which results in downtimes and slow server requests processing.
They can avoid these issues but I don’t know why they failed to do so.

After six months of release, people still face servers downtime. Many users think that there is a problem with their account or phone which in fact are issues with the Niantic servers. So if you ever face login or any other problem, you should blame Niantic instead of your phone.

If you are facing problems with Pokemon Go then, first of all, check their servers status. You can check status of Pokemon Go servers on these sites. These sites have country filters available, so you can filter out your country whether its US, UK, Canada, Australia or any other.

Check Pokemon Go servers are Down or not?

Use these sites to check Pokemon Go server status.


This site have simple and easy layout, making it simpler for you to check server status.


Down Detector

This site give you the option to filter out status for your country or region. That’s more helpful as Pokemon have more than 600 servers which they have assigned to different countries.

Site URL:

Jooas Status

This site gives an overview of Pokemon servers status. You can check Game and Trainer club servers at one location.

Site URL:

MMO Server Status

This site shows you list of all the countries with status.

Site URL:

Hope you find this list helpful, share if you know any other good site.


Its very common. They always have problem with the server. Most of my friends just stopped playing this Game because of these issues.


Thanks for sharing. I have no idea before this to check their server status.


This twitter account @pogoserver also give latest updates. Make sure you follow it.


That is really helpful. I can now easily keep track of the PokemonGO server status. For me, the MMO Server Status seems to work well. :thumbsup: