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Does 2TB Micro SD Card exist? Which phone supports it?


I was just wondering if there is 2TB micro SD card available in the market And which phone supports 2TB micro SD card or has an internal storage close to this?
I couldn’t find any answers that would tell me the reality.


Hey @carl. No, unfortunately it dosen’t exist anywhere in the market (yet).

If you’re looking for micro sd cards, The maximum storage capacity is 256GB.
All the micro SD card manufacturers like Sandisk, Kingston and others haven’t looked into the matter of increasing the maximum capacity of an SD card after they have announced the maximum size of 256GB SD cards and the original manufacturers of our smartphones have introduced 256GB internal storage.

The maximum SD card capacity supported by our smart phones these days is 256GB. You can get the newer generation smart phone which have around 256GB internal storage and thats the closest you can get right now.

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to talk to me about it. :smile:

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Samsung Galaxy S9 may get 512GB storage.


Update: Micron is scheduled to release its 1TB microSD card in Q2 2019.


2TB micro SD card did not exit in the market…