Does Kingroot really works? Reliable?


Have you ever used King Root for your Android phone? Does it work?
It seems the easiest solution to root any unrooted any Android phone but I am not sure I should use it or not?


Never worked in my case. seem some adware.


No it doesnt work. Rooting is not so simple.


Never tried KingRoot but I have heard that people have successfully managed to root their Android device. I guess if your phone is on their compatibility list then you can root it using KingRoot. Otherwise, you need to opt for some other manual rooting method, depending on your device model.


May be. But I have seen mostly people searching How to uninstall it.


It works perfectly for some but, completely trash for some people. It usually doesn’t work for most of the people and it sometimes gets very hard to uninstall this application after root.


I can tell you for a fact that nothing will work on a ZTE Max Pro from MetroPCS. Possibly the last phone that is still unrootable. I tried KingRoot as well as Kingo Root and KingRoot after reading some very misinformed forums. I got extremely lucky and only had to do a factory reset both times. Please, make sure you double triple check and do alot of cross referencing before attempting to root. I wish I would have listened to the one or two people who said that on the forums. A very reputable site is XDA. They are updated daily and it’s completely run by developers and software engineers. Good luck!!


@JoeyMarie Thanks for the information. You are right. These apps didn’t work for me either. I guess KingRoot is just a malware marketed as a rooting tool. Rooting is not so easy and simple.