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Easily Get Lapras - I have just got one

First Dratini and now this. 10 km eggs really paying off. Fucking can’t believe that I own a Lapras now. Idc but I think getting Lapras is actually a great feat, not for spoofers of course. IVs are great. Should I power it up? How’s the attack set??

Wow !!! Lucky dude.
You can use this to prestige against Dragonites. Or power it up to max if you want to use this as a Dragonite killer. Depends on what your collection looks like.

And here I am who gets a 10km egg in months and it hatches into a gligar. Congrats though U know there are some awesome Pokemon’s including Lapras, Snorlax blissy, Dragonite …And dude u got one