Fast Charging Apps For Android


Hey there. Can anyone tell me some names of apps that can be used to charge my phone fast and quickly? My phone takes a long time charging and is pretty slow as well.


I don’t think that any of the apps on Play Store that say that they can make your phone charge fast is real. Because if your phone doesn’t support fast charging then how can it enable it to do that. It’s all just a waste of time.


Well, what you could do is download Clean Master from Play Store and before putting your phone on the charger, just clean all the junk using that app. It should boost your performance as well as charge time.


Can anyone give me a link for that app?


Yeah sure. Here is the app link.


If you don’t like the Clean Master app than try DU Speed Booster. It is a really nice app too and it does its job pretty well.


I prefer ES File Explorer. It is a really nice app related to cleaning and managing space. It even has a feature in which you can just tap a button called Analyze and it checks all the junk stuff and gives you an option to delete all the ones that you don’t want. It is a really nice app with a great and simple UI. You should definitely try this one. It won’t disappoint you.


If you are using a Samsung phone and it is getting slow. Just open the recently used app and tap on the ram button. Once you’re there just tap clean now and it will boost your speed and processing even more. Just try it and see how it works.


I also prefer using Es File Explorer. It is a really nice app and has a great and easy interface. I use this app all the time for managing my storage.


If none of these options work just try buying a fast charger and check if your phone supports fast charging or not.


5 battery saver and fast charging apps
1: U Battery Saver
2: JuiceDefender
3: One Touch Battery Saver
4: Battery Doctor
5: Autorun Manager