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Fly GPS/Fake GPS rubber band issue fix

I recently installed Fly GPS on my Android phone to hack location in the Pokemon GO game. It actually works but the problem is that it randomly jumps my character back and forth between my actual location and fake location (i.e. switching from spoof location to real location automatically).

Is anyone else facing this issue? Can anyone give me a working solution or a Fly GPS rubber band fix?

Hi @Stine57, welcome to the BestForAndroid Forum! :smiley:

Rubber banding occurs when you are using GPS teleporting to fake location and, in that process, your device finds your real GPS data. To fix rubber band issue, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to “Settings”,
  2. “Location”,
  3. Change the “Location Mode” to GPS only or Device only

:warning: You need to perform the above steps every time you enable GPS.

Once you are done with that, there’s one more thing that might possibly be revealing your real location i.e. WiFi and Bluetooth scanning. Android phone uses WiFi and Bluetooth to help improve the location fixing time. Here’s how to disable that scanning service:

  1. Go to “Settings”,
  2. Tap on “Wi-Fi”,
  3. Go to “Advanced” option,
  4. There must be an option that says, “Always allow scanning”. Simply disable this option.

Also, it is better to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth as both of these might still interfere with the Fly GPS app.

Now, try to use Fly GPS and Pokemon GO again. It should fix the GPS jumping back and forth.

I tried those steps several times but still getting rubberband effect. That caused softban on my account too. Also, Pokemon GO is showing “can’t find GPS”. What should I do? How can I fix it? Anyone here know about any workaround?

I Hope its fixed now.

Anyone else facing in game GPS issues with the game? Mine keeps switching between no GPS signal and now failed to connect with the server

@SteveCurrin551, simply try to put around 2-3 layers of tinfoil on the back side of your phone. This should completely block the GPS signals from reaching your phone and help prevent rubberband.

And if your account is soft banned and unable to catch Pokemon because of the rubberband effect then go to any nearby PokeStop and spin it and then close it. Do that for around 40 times or until it starts giving you free items. That’s when you know that your Pokemon GO account is unbanned. Else, you can try waiting for around 2 hours to 12 hours and then the Pokemon GO server will automatically unban you.

Putting tinfoil is good solution by the way. I can also use it to prevent tracking.

I just get a message “failed to detect location”.

Have you tried any above-mentioned method?

I’m not having a rubberband issue I having a “failed to locate position” problem.

Hey @Mark_Legg, we have already solved this Pokemon GO failed to locate position problem. Please check this thread and follow the method mentioned there.

Hi @farzanhussain ,
I am facing same rubber binding issue for the first time…
Device: Moto G5 (non-rooted)
OS: 7.0
Security patch: 1/1/2017 (not updated)
I was using: Fake GPS.

I have tried above solutions given but no use. Please suggest the solution.

Hi @Aress, you said for the first time which means you were able to fake your location in Pokemon Go without any issue before and only started to experience rubberbanding effect recently, right?

I have one suggestion for you, did you select Fly GPS as a Mock Location app under Developer Options on your Moto G5?

Hi. I have the rubber band issue I guess. It keeps jumping from a place to another and I can’t control anything. Tried with 5 lyers of tinfoil and unless I’m doing it wrong it doesn’t work. Tried to use the gps only in location but then fly doesn’t let me move the location. Seriously I have no idea of what to do…