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Free Spotify premium!

How do I change my Spotify free subscription! to Spotify premium for free for 30 days? and then pay monthly of course!!!

Spotify premium for free!

Hi @Tracey_Curnow You can’t get the spotify totally for free. Only there are some hacks which lets you get some paid features for free. Not all of them.

Now, Spotify offers 3-month free trial for all Spotify free users to get Spotify Premium free.

You just need to go to the Spotify offcial website and click the ‘Start Free Trial’ to change plan and fill with your detailed information. After that, please simply press the ‘Start My Spotify Premium’ to enjoy free trial Spotify Premium with 3 months.

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I think you need pay for change trial for Premium

You can use the Spotify premium account to save the songs for offline listening. Also you can use the Spotify Music Converter from AudFree to keep the songs forever on your phone or players. It works well to keep the quality of the music. You can have a try.

Just click the “UPGRADE” button on the Spotify app, and you will enter its Premium page where you will given 4 plans to try Spotify Premium free for 1 months, including Individual, Duo, Family and Student. Choose one of them and you can then enjoy Spotify without ads, download songs from Spotify or enjoy other Premium features.
Alternatively, you can use TunesKit Spotify Music Converter Windows app to download and convert Spotify songs to MP3, and you can also enjoy all features that Premium plan offers.

I agree woth you , i am using the Spotify Music Converter from Tunelf which is good too,it can download and convert Spotify music tracks without Premium subscriptions

actully, you can always use AMusicSoft to download spotify’s music, and you can directly convert them into various formats

Spotify provides you a free one-month premium. You can go to its official site and sigh up for a free trial. But after one month free trial period, you should pay for the premium for downloding your favorite songs. If you don’t have premium account, you are not allowed to download songs. You are just allowed to listen to songs on this platform online using your data. There is a way to get your songs instead of paying for the premium. I have found a Spotify Converter from DumpMedia. It helps me download all my songs and I can play them offline.

If you are eager to use the Spotify Premium features such as offline listening, ads free, unlimited skips, etc., you don’t need to pay for the Premium at all. Just to download Spotify tracks by using the AudKit Spotify Song Downloader. The downloaded songs are available for offline playing and without ads inside.

They are lots of ways to get free Spotify Premium. You can directly get free Spotify Premium by updating to free-trial version of Spotify Premium subscription. You can download a Spotify Premium APK files to get free one. Or you can use a professional DRmare Spotify Downloader, which gives you the ability to download Spotify songs offline without ads, just like you are using the Spotify Premium.