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Galaxy s7 edge battery draining while charging

I am facing a severe issue with my Samsung S7 edge battery drain. There are two issues that are happening simultaneously. My phone does not charge properly and even drains during charging. The other issue is that my phone overheats during charging. Firstly, I switched off my data and internet while charging but it does not have a positive impact of overheating. I was only left with one option to switch of my phone while charging. This does address the overheating issue but the charging is super slow even with fast charger. Please help me as this is severely affecting my daily tasks. My half of the day is spent while charging the phone. I did not face this issue earlier but it has recently started to affect my phone’s battery.
Please guys suggest me some solution and other hacks to save my phone as I do no intend to change my phone in near future.

Hey buddy,
I own S6 edge and same incident happened to me once. I was at the cinema and i felt my phone heating in my pocket. The battery was showing 84% and the moment i unlocked it, it was 65%. I panicked and switched off my data. But my phone was still hot. I restarted it but battery was drained 5% more. I simply switched off my phone for half an hour. The battery was back to 82% and my phone cooled down. I am glad it happened to me just once. My phone has been working fine since then.

Lucky guy, I am facing this issue for the past 15 days or so and trust me, it is such a pain as most of day revolves around worrying about my phone charging. I am in no mood or situation to change my phone so i need some useful suggestions.

Hello @Vohra,
This is an issue highlighted to us by many of the S7 and S7 edge users and all the problems have been identified differently. Not all of them have the same problem, so we need to first analyze the root cause.

Kindly check the following details and then we can proceed further. Firstly, we need to identify the main cause of battery drainage and phone heating. I am going to list down some steps and you need to rule them out one by one till we get to the main conclusion.

Before getting into the software of the phone, let us look at the hardware. There can be certain possibilities that the adapter wire or the charger is damaged. Please check the charging port of your phone and try to blow air via a blower to clean it. There can be dust in the port. Make sure that the port is not damaged or loose. Check the charging port of the phone as well as the USB port on the adapter.
Are you using a fast charger? Then check by replacing the cables. If the problem persists, then check with different genuine chargers.
All these steps are to rule out the major causes. If there is a cable or adapter issue, then above steps will help you to identify the problem.
Also, try to charge your phone from your laptop, or power bank as well as a wireless charger. If the phone is charging fine from either of these things, then the issue lies with the adapter, but if the battery is still draining will all of them then the issue lies in the phone itself.

Hello Team,

I have already checked the cable and adapter. I have tried to charge with my laptop but it is extremely slow. I do not own a wireless charger so cannot say anything about it. The charging port is all OK and clean. The phone is a year old so i am out of warranty and the issue has started 15 days ago. Please assist with steps to check the phone itself before i go to the service center.

This exactly happened with my phone. I was charging my phone and realized it was not charging all the time. It kept on ping ponging between charging or no charging. I checked the socket and adapter but they were absolutely fine. I also checked my cable with another phone and it worked well. So, i changed the direction and angle of my phone so that it charges continuously. What happened was the charging port of my phone was faulty and kept on blaming the cable port for a couple of days.


I get it. The problem is not with the hardware, but with the phone itself. I am listing some of the procedures and I hope they are going to help you:

  1. Try to charge your phone in Safe mode. The safe mode can be activated in your Gaxay S7 edge. You switch off your phone and then start it by holding the power key as usual practice. As soon as “Samsung Galaxy S7 edge” appears on your screen, you need to release the Power key and hold the Volume down key. You need to keep on holding the volume down button till your phone finishes the rebooting process. You will see the “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can release the volume down button now.
    What happens is that “Safe mode” stops all the third-party apps. If there is some issue with these installed apps, then your device should charge properly, Unfortunately, if your phone does not charge even in Safe mode, then the issue either lies with pre-installed apps, Google apps or the firmware.
  2. Try to check for the firmware updates via the Settings option. If there is an update then download it and update your phone.
  3. If none of the above steps work, then try to hard reset your device after backing up the data in your device.

I accidently dropped my phone in bath tub full of water. I took out my phone write away but it was already switched off. I removed the SIM and placed in a rice bucket. Took my phone two days after and started it and to my surprise, the phone was started. i was so happy and relieved but then it couldn’t charge properly and the battery keeps on draining every second. Any help in this regard?

Your phone battery is damaged so you need to replace one. Also, on a safer side, get your phone checked from the service center

Master reset is the ultimate solution. If that does not work for you then you need to get your phone checked at the service center. It will delete all the third-party apps you have been installing over time and will restore factory default settings. Your phone will be all new and will charge normally as it should be. Moreover, it eliminates any unrequired update from the firmware. There can be a pre-installed app not updated properly causing a problem. Sometimes, Google apps get stuck and suck the entire battery. You need to turn your device off and then hold the home and volume UP key. And then hold the Power key till Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is displayed on the screen. Once you see the Android logo, just release the keys and leave your phone for a minute or so.
You can use the volume down key to navigate through the given options to find “wipe data/ factory reset”. Press the power key to select it. Now navigate to the “Yes” option and press the power key to select it. This will delete all the user data from your device. Once you are finished with the Master reset, then highlight the “Reboot system” and select it using the power key again.
If it does not solve your problem then you definitely need to replace your battery.

Check for all the updates:

  1. Got to Settings and then software update. Update all the apps available

  2. Go to settings, about phone and software version. You need to compare your existing baseband version to the GS7 page of the carrier’s website. Both of these baseband versions should match. In case of a mismatch in the baseband version, then contact the operator to push out OTA update.

  3. If none works, factory reset your phone.

I was using Gear VR with my S7 and that drained my battery within minutes. Even though i used to kill all the backgrounds apps but it still won’t affect. I wasn’t able to deactivate my VR services yet to no avail. Finally, i cleared the cache of my device and cleared all the data. The cache of the phone can be accessed via Settings and then Apps. I cleared my cache for Gear VR services and decided not to use them ever with my S7 phone.

  1. There shouldn’t be any faulty inbuilt or third-party application. They consume a lot of space in the cache and end up using all the battery. Check for the faulty applications and their usage using any internal or external software.
  2. Always update your device as soon as you get an update. If you haven’t updated your device in a long time then older software version can cause drainage problem.
  3. Always use original Samsung charger and adapters. If you have ever used any other adapter then it may have caused battery issue.
  4. Do not charge your phone using UPS or inverter. It causes damage to the phone’s battery
  5. Keep the cache of your device clean. If your cache is heavy and applications are consuming space in cache then it may cause the battery to drain faster.

I didn’t have any good experience with my Samsung S7 especially after Android Oreo update. My phone was perfectly fine until i received an update for Android version Oreo 8.0. Ever since i updated my phone, my battery was draining 1% every minute. I did everything to save my battery. I cleared the cache, used battery optimization, removed Gear VR services but nothing helped saving my battery.
I was so helpless and was even unable to figure out the root cause that started the battery drainage issue. I searched online and found people like me complaining about the battery drainage. One common problem with all of us was our Android version update. People have reported problems with S7 and S7 edge when they upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo update.
Well, i had to factory reset my phone to save the battery. It definitely worked and i used my phone for another year.
Just check your Android version pal. Try factory restoring your phone as it will surely resolve your problem.

It is always better to set ground rules to charge your Samsung Galaxy phone. I do not let the battery drain less than 30%. Also, i do not unplug the charger if the battery is not more than 100%. This rule of thumb has saved my battery life for more than two years. It is recommended to do not cross the 40% charging threshold but i tell you less than 30% causes a lot of damage to the battery life. Do not drain your battery to zero percent and then charging it all night to 100 percent and follow this cycle all the time. It will kill your battery life in no time.
Try not to disconnect the charger till the charging light turns green after achieving 100%. It is better to unplug after fully charging your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge plus has got a battery life of less than a day. If healthy charging routine is adopted then the battery will perform well for the next two years. But if you are using data and internet then you may need to replace the battery after 1 or 1.5 year depending upon the usage.

I do not understand whats the difference between fast or normal charging? Doesn’t it affect phone’s battery life?

Samsung has upgraded the battery capacity for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as compared to its previous variants including S6 and S6 edge etc. S7 comes with 3000 mAh and S7 edge has got a 3600 mAh batteries. So their chargers should be adaptive to charge them properly.

There are a total of four types of chargers as we all are aware of. One is a normal charger with a static voltage of 5v. The charger limits the current supply based on the phone’s battery status. The charging time is entirely dependent on the output current which in turn depends on the phone condition. Normally, the output current is 2A, 1.5A or 1A.

There is a type of fast adaptive charger that comes with the phone. What adaptive chargers do is that the regulate the output voltage based on the battery capacity. For instance, if the battery is lesser than 60 % then a higher voltage of 9V is supplied to speed up the charging process. The voltage can be as high as 15V. You do not need to worry about the phone’s heating as the phone heats up with higher voltage. The phones do come with overheating controls. Fast chargers have got different versions like 2.0 and 3.0. As far as Samsung S7 is concerned, it supports 2.0 fast charger only. Do not try the 3.0 fast charger with S7 or S7 edge as they are not compatible with the newer versions of fast chargers.

Similarly, both of the above types are available in the form of wireless chargers.

Try not to use multi-plug chargers or the car chargers. Always try to use original chargers and power banks owned by Samsung for your Galaxy phones.