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Galaxy s7 randomly reboots

You can try resetting your phone to fix this problem.


it is important to dig down the problem and the actual cause of the random S7 rebooting. Does the phone reboots only when you are using it or even in its idle mode. Kindly add a passcode if not any applied to check if it reboots even when the phone is not in use. Does the battery drains after the reboot? For example, if the battery is around 80% and after the reboot it is 60 or 70 percent or lesser.
What is the carrier of your phone? How frequently does your phone reboots in a day?

My S7 phone reboots just randomly. I place it on the table and then it may have rebooted and i get notification to input my pass code. No, my battery does not drain and it is just rebooting randomly 4 or 5 times a day. I switch off my phone during the night as I am already annoyed of its rebooting.

My phone has been really annoying. It not only randomly rebooted but its battery was drained everytime it restarted on its own. I factory restored my phone and then it has been working since then.

I have tried following remedies to stop my phone from rebooting. However, none of them worked:
-I have optimized my battery
-Have completely deleted all the junk applications
-I clean my phone’s cache every week or so
-I have tried to boot my phone in Safe Mode which delays the rebooting
but the phone reboots eventually.
So, it is more of a short-term solution to me but again it consumes some more battery.
Power saving mode works well for my battery but does not have any positive impact on rebooting.

Is there any damaged SD card in your phone? Or a corrupted SIM card?

Hey there,

There can be multiple reasons of sudden phone rebooting for example, there can be some virus or corrupted data in your device causing this problem. May be your device may have installed new operating system updates causing the firmware to corrupt. Or there are some incompatible applications on your phone that haven’t bee updated since long and are no longer compatible with your new updated operating system. Lastly, i hope there isn’t any hardware problem in your device so you need to get it checked at the phone service station.

As you have mentioned that you have already done the safe mode option so we can jump to hard factory reset options. But before transferring any data back to the phone, use it in this state for a week or so to check if the rebooting occurs or not. If you do not intend to hard reset your device and keep it as the last resort, then try following options:

  1. Try to remove all the extra or incompatible third-party apps from your device.
  2. Install a good anti-virus and have a thorough scan of your device.

How do you clear your device cache? Try to wipe out the cache partition of your device. It makes room for the operating system to run smoothly on the device. Hold the volume key, power key anf home button key at the sametime to turn off the phone. You need to release the power button slowly as the phone vibrates. An option will appear on your phone “Android system recovery”. When this option appears, you release the rest of the two buttons. You can use the volume down key to navigate to select the option of “wipe partition cache”. Once the process is over, just reboot your phone.

@Viku you mentioned that you have done the safe mode restart but this hasn’t been really effective. Then, I may suggest you to master reset your phone. Sometimes, safe mode and deletion of system cache do not work well for the phone so it is always better to go with the master reset.
A master reset solves many problems of the phone including:

  1. Phone freeze
  2. Phone stuck
  3. Random rebooting

However, it is important to note that all of your phone data will be erased. So, keep a copy of them, but do not download them as soon as you master reset your phone. Just monitor your phone for 15 days to see if the problem persists or not. Also, remove your SD card from the phone before the process.

For master reset, turn off your phone and then press/hold both the home and volume UP key simultaneously. And then press/hold the power key. As soon as the Samsung S7 logo appears on the screen, you release the Power key, but keep on holding the home and volume UP keys. As you see the Android logo on the screen, you can now leave all the keys. Leave your S7 phone for a minute or so and then navigate through the given options on the screen with the volume down key. Go to the option “wipe data or factory reset” and then select it by pressing the power key. Please note that volume down key works for navigation and power key works to select the highlighted option in this mode.
An option will appear on the screen to delete all the data. You can accept the option with the power key. Just leave the phone undisturbed till it completes the process and then select “reboot system now” option. This time, the phone rebooting will take longer than usual.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it resolves your issue.
However, in case it doesn’t work, then your battery seems to be faulty. So, you need to get it replaced.

It is something with the Samsung Galaxy phones or with bigger phones as their CPU frequency can be too high that causes the phone to over-heat resulting in pone rebooting. Just check the CPU clock frequency if it is too high and get it calibrated. You can fix this issue by rooting your Samsung S7. Then download CPU tuner from Google Play and set the CPU clock frequency to:
Minimum 350 MHz
Maximum 600 MHz
Important Note: The minimum the values, the lower will be your Android device performance. But it will definitely improve battery life and resolves the rebooting issue.
Btw, you can also adjust the CPU frequency without rooting by installing CPU Adjuster via Google play. This app allows you to change the CPU max and min frequency.
It is good that you have deleted junk apps and you clear your cache but switch off the auto-update or Sync with internet availability. Sometimes, the firmware is compatible sometimes not with the updates and this causes a lot of problem. It happens especially with Gmail and Pre-installed apps. So keep on checking the compatibility of firmware, OS, and app updates online.
Samsung Galaxy uses Touch Wiz front-end fully touch user-interface. I have read on many platforms that Touch Wiz sometimes stop working and freezes the phone. It also leads to automatic rebooting of your phone. So, before you declare your battery dead, visit the phone service station for the Touch Wiz check-up. Firstly check the ToucWiz cached processes in settings and clear its data.

Just check your phone circuit for any loose connection or something.

Can anyone guide me how to turn-off Auto-sync off? Also, i need to down grade my Gmail new updates

Go to settings > Accounts and Sync option and then turn off Auto-sync option. For the updates, click on Application manager or Apps in the settings menu. Go to Gmail and click on “Uninstall updates”. It will only uninstall the latest updates. The same procedure is applicable to rest of the applications in order to uninstall their updates

I reset my Samsung by installing Cyanogenmod on my device. It worked very well as it didn’t require me to root the device and i modified my Stock ROM as well. My phone works fine now.

Sorry whats that? Is it an application? What about Stock ROM?

Buddy, Stock ROM is pre-installed in Samsung phones. It is used to make the graphical interface more interesting and interactive. Sometimes, Stock ROM causes issues in the phone resulting in automatic rebooting. So, rather than doing the master reset, i installed Cyanogenmod on my phone to modify the Stock ROM. But its installation causes the phone to factory reset. Firstly, check your S7 compatibility with Cyanogenmod. Go to settings > developer option and turn on USB debugging mode. You need to connect your phone with the computer. Then download cyangenmod auto installer and run CM installer (.EXE file extension). It will first identify your phone. After that, you can click on install.

I cannot see any developer option in my settings menu

Most of our Android phones have OS higher than 4.2 Android. The developer option is hidden in these versions. So we need to enable them on our own. The process is quite simple. Go to settings, about phone and then build number. All you need is to tap the “build number” option 7 times and then developer option will appear in the build number option. If you explore the developer option, click on advanced and check the options.

You will try to update Android System for your phone, it is for me the best option. Regards

Random reboots and frequent restarts may be caused by faulty hardware such as the battery or it can be because of corrupt caches or data. Another possibility is that an app
A faulty battery may cause this problem because the power source is unstable and therefore results to random reboots. So, for the first step, try to plug in the charger to the wall outlet and then connect the cable to your phone. The problem we received was about the device that keeps restarting so I assume the device can charge without any issue,