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GIGA LTE KT Two phone provider

My provider is Sprint. I just ordered and received a Samsung galaxy s 7 from a 3rd party seller, cellular country. I have bought many phones from them, close to a dozen & never had a problem. I can’t activate this phone and noticed under settings the provider is listed as GIGA LTE KT twophone, I don’t know what this means and think it might have something to do with why I can’t activate the phone. The IMEI # is recognized by Sprint but they couldn’t activate the phone @ the store either.
I contacted the seller and they swear they are extra careful when selling Sprint devices because they are aware of how strict Sprint Corp is. Can anyone advise on how to remove the GIGA LTE… or what I should do to get my phone activated? Please help.

O, and I did a factory reset too, just in case but that still did not remove the GIGA ‘provider’ Also under settings it says ‘T roaming’. When I try to open this the settings shuts down and I get a message that says “Settings has stopped”.