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Google Play Services not working


I’ve factory reset my phone and now I can’t add my google account. I know this happens when google play services app is not updated. But to update it I need to open play store. But I can’t do that either because my account is not connected to my phone. So I can’t find a way out now. I’ve even downloaded and installed external updated apk file of google play services but still no result.
Previously when I reset my phone this app updated automatically and I was able to connect my account but this time I don’t know what’s happening. Can anyone help me out?


Why you cant add your account? What the problem when you try to add your account?


Please let us know what is the problem that comes up on the screen when you tap to open the Google Play Store. That way we might be able to solve your problem.


Thank you both for trying to help but I found the solution.


One of the common problem happens with Google Play is that cache try to clear all the cache from the Google app and try to restart the Google Play.


The same problem I have faced many times…