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Guide on Using Pokedex100

Hi. Can anyone give me a guide to using Pokedex100?
My friend told me about this website but I don’t know how to use it.

Yes, for sure brother. I’ll discuss all of the information in the following steps.

  1. You basically need to go to the official Pokedex website or just click here to go there.

  2. Once you are there, you can search your desired Pokémon through the search bar or by filtering your search.

  3. When you find your desired Pokémon, just tap on copy coordinates and it will copy the coordinates on your clipboard.

  4. Just paste the copied coordinates on the locating app that you use.

And that’s it. That’s how you basically use this website. :smile:

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Where do we have to paste the coordinates basically?

You’ll just have to paste it into the locator app that you use like Pokego2.0 or Pokesensor.

Can we use Poketracker?

Yeah sure, you can use any locator that you like.

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Are there any other websites like Pokedex100?

Yes, there are many other available out there. You can use Pokezz it is also a great website to track Pokémon’s. You can simply go here if you want to visit this website.