Guide to Unroot Any Samsung Galaxy Phone Easily


Do you want to unroot your Galaxy phone without being getting intro trouble?, Read this guide before you start the unrooting process.

Download Important Stuff

  1. First of all download the important stuff like Samsung Driver for Windows, Odin, and Firmware. DOnt put your phone into download mode before you get all things ready.
  • You can download Window Drivers from here.
  • Download Odin from here.
  • Download Firmware from Sammobiles or any other good site. I don’t recommend SamMobiles, first, they ask you to pay and create an account. Second, they provide very low download speed for free downloads.
    Once you have downloaded and installed the ODN and Samsung Drivers, go to the next step.

##Put Phone in Download Mode
2. Put your phone into download mode. To put your phone in recovery mode first turn off the phone, then press volume down, power and home button simultaneously for few seconds. Press volume up button when the phone asks for download mode confirmation.
If you want to exit from Download without unrooting, then simply press volume down and power button for few seconds or pull out your phone battery.

##Start Flashing
3. Extract firmware data into any folder and open Odin. In Odin click on AF and then select firmware files you have downloaded earlier.

  1. Keep eyes on the log screen, Once you see Leave CS, click start. The phone will start flashing and take few minutes. It can take up to 30 Minutes, so don’t panic.

  2. Once you see Pass in Odin, your phone will turn on automatically or turn on your phone yourself if don’t restart automatically. It will take some time for a reboot.
    The phone will now install and ready everything. It can take a couple of extra minutes, so wait until you get to home screen.

If you encountered any problem or issue, then factory reset your phone from recovery mode. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the Guide.


Thanks for the Guide. I hope the same method applies to other Samsung Phones.