Gym Hunter Guide for Pokemon Go


Has anyone here tried gym hunter for Pokemon Go? I came across this service a while ago. It is completely web based which allows you to quickly scan and keep track of all the Pokemon Go gym located within your area.

GymHuntr servers scan the selected area as per your request (usually takes around 60-90 seconds to complete a scan) and reveal where the nearby gyms are located. The service is powerful enough to let you know about the level of each gym along with the name of the defenders. The user interface is nicely designed too.

But it seems like some Asian countries are not yet added to the list because all I am seeing is “map data not available”. Has anybody given it a try? Please share your experience.


Does this still works?


That is one awesome service. Didn’t know that it is still working. I just gave it a try and scanned my area, and it found out all the information about the surrounding gym in my locality within 80 seconds.

It is a powerful web-based Gym Scanner. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

And for your “map data not available” issue, I guess it is related to the Map source. Try searching for the country instead of the city, then manually scroll to your area, and then scan. It should work.