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Help. Failed to detect location pokemon Go flygps

Today suddenly my pokemon GO wouldn’t let me use my fly gps Like i have before keeps saying failed to detect location, logs in in place I want to be but no pokemon or pokestops… any solutions…


Have you tried logging out and then logging back in?

First, try to troubleshoot the problem by following ways:

  • Log out your account and login back and check the issue.
  • Reset Pokemon go data and then log back in.
  • Reboot your phone, turn on GPS and then try again.

If nothing works then let me know.

Tried all that. Was reading on Google app store under the flygps reviews that a lot of people have the SAme issue since the android update. Can’t use flygps anymore

@farzanhussain Look at this issue.

Hi @Zoony, it seems like your phone has been updated to the latest Android version.

Maybe you are not aware but during the beginning of March, Google released a security update through OTA (Over-The-Air) to patch some critical security vulnerabilities in Android 6 Marshmallow and Android 7 Nougat. This latest update directly affected how the apps like Fly GPS and Fake GPS Go works to spoof your location in Pokemon GO.

Don’t worry, I have got a couple of solutions for you :wink:


Now, once your phone has been updated to the latest Android March version, you have two possible solutions:

  1. Downgrade your phone’s Android version to the previous release.
  2. Install Fly GPS or Fake GPS GO on your phone as a system app.

Unfortunately, both of these solutions require you to root your phone. Yes, currently rooting is the only possible workaround to fix this problem.

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Translated: " What is eradication. The What is rooting? The The I have a sudden death of me. The I can not fly after the update pokemon. The Help out. The please explain. The Thank you so much. "

Hi @Ahsiang, welcome to the BestForAndroid forum. :slight_smile:

Rooting means to gain root (administrator) access to your Android phone’s operating system. Once you have gained root access, then the best option is to install Fly GPS app as a system app.

In case you are new to Android rooting, then I will suggest you use one-click rooting app KingRoot to quickly root your phone.

Let me know if this worked for you or not.
Good luck :+1:


Translation from Chinese to English: “I still do not understand. Can you teach me through video?”

@Ahsiang I am afraid, I can’t help you through video. But I can provide you with the steps for rooting, installation of Fly GPS as a system app, and then unrooting your phone. :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me the complete model number of the phone you are using. And also update me with the Android version.

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J7 prime …

Hey @Ahsiang, that was already mentioned within your profile but I was asking for a complete model number. Anyways, here I am assuming you have a Samsung J7 Prime SM-G610F variant.

:warning: Before proceeding, please keep in mind that rooting your phone will void your warranty and there is always a risk of soft/hard bricking your Android device, which means your phone won't function properly. Make sure to backup important data before rooting. In case something went wrong, I won't be responsible.

First, please follow the steps shown in the video to root your phone.

Second, once your phone is rooted, then download Fly GPS apk and install it on your phone (if it is already installed on your phone then skip this step).

Third, make Fly GPS a system app using Link2SD app. This app will help you move the app to the system directory.

Fourth, now you need to unroot your phone. You must be able to unroot using the SuperSU, an app which is installed after rooting. It is important to unroot your phone otherwise you will not be able to play Pokemon GO.

Fifth, to make sure your phone is properly unrooted, you need to install SafetyNet Helper app and then run the tests. If both tests are passed successfully then you proceed to next step. If any test is failed it means your phone isn’t unrooted properly.

Sixth, now you have to disable Mock Locations by going to the “Settings” -> “Developer Options”.

Seventh, once all is done. You will now be able to play Pokemon GO with Fly GPS and spoof your location without any issue. :wink:

P.S. If you seriously want to spoof on Pokemon GO after the March Android security update then this is the only working option.


Translation from Chinese to English: “Thank you.”

How do I use Link2SD to move Fly GPS to the system directory? < no need to answer - if found it myself >

How you did it?, share with us too.

you select the app in Link2SD, then click on the ellipses (…) in the upper right corner - select “Convert to system app” from the menu. In the screenshot below, it says “user app” because I already converted.

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When I go into Fly GPS then, it prompts me to enable Mock Locations again, or it won’t work. What am I missing?

Hi @Gitter, sorry for that. Seems like Fly GPS has removed that functionality.

Please download Fake GPS GO and then install it on your phone. Then go to the “Settings”. There you will see an option that says, “Root Mode”. Enable that and you are good to go. (See the screenshot below).

Now you don’t need to enable mock locations. :wink:

Here’s why the Mock Locations must need to be disabled:

The latest version of Pokemon GO has a security verification system that checks if the Mock Locations option is enabled on the device or not. If enabled, then Pokemon GO will show you a message “Failed to detect location”. To get past the error message and play Pokemon GO, the mock location must need to be disabled.

I hope that clear things up for you. :slight_smile:

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Good day to you.
I got the same problem with fly gps failed to detect location after android updated to new version, I using xiaomi note 3, will you able to guide me how to rooting my device? Thanks a lot.

Hi but if you unroot then how can you use root mode