How Animal Super Squad has so few players?


Hello everyone,
I don’t really get, why Animas SUper Squad ha so few players? Its multiplatform (Andoird, Switch, Windows, PS), yet it seems that there are only few players, not many new community made maps. It’s promoted by PewDiePie and doesn’t cost too much.

I’ve tried it, its great, even better with controller. It’s worth money just to play through campain, not to mention great community made maps.

Anyone else tried it? What’s your opinion?


I have played.

Well, it is colorful and interesting. But after some time, annoying. It is monotonous. A variety of vehicles does not improve the situation.
Personally, it was much more interesting for me to play Angry Birds, where you had to create a working device yourself from a limited number of parts to complete the level.

In addition, it is poorly optimized. I have a fairly powerful tablet, but the game still crashed and under the brakes.


May be people don’t really like it or dont find it interesting enough. Its the first time I am hearing about this game.