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How can I hide apps from Android screen instead of locking them?

Many times when people get my phone, they try to open different applications and see what’s inside. They don’t care about privacy. I tried to lock my apps earlier but many people like close friends insist for the password, so is there any way to completely hide some apps from home screen and app screen and only get when I need them.

Yes, that’s really the problem. People don’t care about privacy.
There are several ways to hide apps. The best way is to use launchers to completely hide apps without locking them.

ApexLauncher is the one which comes with this built in functionality. This launcher has a secret drawer in which you can put apps to hide them from your friends and family.

##How to hide apps using Apex Launcher?

Using this app is simple and straight forward. Just install the app and open it. Make it your default launcher and then in the app options, you will see Drawer setting. Open Drawer settings and then click on Hidden apps. Here you can add apps you want to hide.
Once added, the apps will disappear from all pages but they can be still accessable. To use those apps, get them out of drawer first and use them as usually.
It’s good option to hide apps from kids and family. No one goes on such deeper level to check what you have installed.

There is another alternative with the name "Hide App’ but it needs rooted Android phone and is a little bit complex. here is it.

You can try any method you find easier.

It is really annoying! I recommend you 2 apps to solve the problem, I have used both.
The first one: AppLock from DoMobile
You can set a password on installed apps and hide photos in it. But you said that your friends insist for the password. Then you may try fake cover in it. When your friends want to open a locked app, the screen will show: Unfortunately, ***has stopped.

The second one: Anole Launcher
You can hide apps from your home screen.

Hope it can help you!

Thanks. I will try these too.

You can also try making folders on the home page and add multiple apps there. They would probably think that there’s no app for them to check.