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How Can I Use Facetime on Android?

Without any doubt, Facetime is a popular video calling app out there but it is designed for Apple devices only. So the short answer is: there is no way to download and install Facetime on Android.

However, it is important to note here that Facetime is not the only video calling app. There are more than a few dozens of video calling apps that work similar to Facetime and are fullycompatible with both Android and iOS devices so you can stay connected with your loved ones regardless of the device being used.

Some of the most popular and the best video calling app includes WhatsApp, imo, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger. Here is the full list of best Facetime alternative apps for video calling on Android.

There should be some hack for using FaceTime on Android Phone.

No Unfortunately there is no way to use FaceTime on Android. I tried a lot but no success. Although there are many alternatives available but most of my friends living in US use FaceTime and I cant use it on my Android phone.

FaceTime is limited to iOS only and I guess the developers over at Apple have no plans to make it available for Android. And same is the case with iMessages. But there are dozens of alternatives that almost every mobile phone user use these days. The best option is WhatsApp Messenger as it now supports video calling too. :wink:

You’re right @Faizanhussain, WhatsApp Messenger is getting better each day. As the new update also featured “Moments” just like Instagram it means you’re having lots of different use at one place. Chatting, Voice calling and even Video Calling.

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Exactly! WhatsApp has now become an all-in-one solution to communicate, share files and pictures, and not to forget the newly added temporary status feature which has now forced users to stick to WhatsApp rather than maintaining multiple social media accounts like Snapchat and Instagram.

The best part is that it is compatible with multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows.

Who needs Facetime now :grin:

I used a app called Tango in the past and it worked great and must still because I seen it was top 3 most popular app of that category.