How I can get Spotify Premium For Free on Android?


I am wondering if there is any way to use Spotify Premium For Free. I am currently using the Free version of Spotify it works great but Ads and limited skips are annoying. Help will be appreciated. Thanks


I also need a Premium version. Spotify is not currently available in my country and I can’t even listen to the free version. I have to use VPN all the time and VPN slow downs my connection for other stuff.
Waiting for some helpful replies.


It’s better to buy Spotify. Doesn’t cost much. First three month for only $0.99. Some online sites even sell subscriptions as low as $3.

You can also get a premium for free. There are moded APK available which allows you to do everything like premium except downloading.


Thanks, @steve For the help. Can you tell me where I can download a safe copy of mod APK?


You can download it in APK section of the site. Here is direct link


iOS users can use Spotify++ or Spotilife and there are similar hacks on Android.


There are also some Exposed Framework modules which let you hack Spotify Premium. I used SpotifySkip and it was helpful.
You need to have a rooted phone with exposed Framework.


Thanks guys for the help. I have downloaded the APK file from above link and it did work for me. Thanks, everyone.


Hey Paul,

The only way to get spotify free is by buying it.


Thanks steve. That apk worked perfectly fine. Thanks for the help. :smile:


Thanks, @steve for the link for us it’s really helpful.


The key reason you can’t enjoy Spotify Premium as a free account is that Spotify music files are protected by DRM technology. So you need to pay for Premium features.
So in order to get Spotifiy Premium for free, you need to remove DRM protection from Spotify files with the help of DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Windows. If you have a free Spotify account, you can enjoy Spotify Premium features with the help of this software.
For more detail information, you can visit this official website by searching DRmare Music Converter on Google.


i think this website is helpful for premium version of Spotify.


why can’t I download songs from Spotify???


In order to download a music for offline use you’ll have to get spotify premium which isn’t free and you’ll have to pay in order to use that. You’ll get some more useful features which you wouldn’t get on the free version, if you get the spotify premium.


If you don’t want to pay for the premium version, you can just download the app from the apk mentioned above by @steve. Go check it out if you want.


As we all know, Spotify premium users are able to download Spotify tracks or playlists for offline listening. But the free user can’t download Spotify songs. As for me, I usually use AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac to download Spotify files to my MP3 players. So that I can get access to my Spotify files even canceling Spotify Premium subscription.


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Is there any way to change password?