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How to Backup Contents of my Android Device to the SD Card

Hey guys! Can anyone tell me how I can backup or move my personal data like music, pictures and things like that?

Hi! You can follow these simple steps to do so:

  1. Download ES File Explorer on your Android device from the Play Store or click on this link.
  2. Once this app is downloaded, open the app and go to internal storage.
  3. Then copy the files that you want on your SD card and tap on the SD card from the menu.
  4. Then to keep things sorted, make a folder for each thing that you want to copy over there like pictures, music etc, and paste those files in the respected folder.

If you want to keep those things only on your SD card, you can simply delete all those things from your internal storage.

I can’t find the photos in my internal storage under the photos tab. Where are they?

The photos are not always stored under the photos tab. They are generally found in the DCIM folder. Look for a tab named as DCIM and they will have all of your photos that you took.

Same goes for music as well. You wouldn’t find the music under the music tab. It will probably be saved as MP3.

Yes, correct. These are all the general terms used by almost all android devices to save things on your device.

Can we transfer applications to the SD card aswell?

Yes. You can transfer applications to your SD card. It is also really simple.

Go to your settings > Apps > tap on an app then tap on storage and on the top right corner you’ll see three dots. Tap on that and it will give you the option to move the app to SD card, just tap on that option and it will ask for confirmation after that your app will be moved to the SD card.

But then we wouldn’t be able to use that app if the SD card is not installed in the phone. Right?

Absolutely. You are only going to be able to use that app if the SD card is installed in your phone. Otherwise, the app’s logo will turn grey and if you tap on that, it will say that the app is not installed.

Useful suggestion, thanks for the post…