How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Samsung Devices?


Google has introduced Android 5.1 with a safety feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). What this does is whenever your phone gets stolen or lost and someone tries to do a factory reset on your phone, it blocks the option for the user to do a factory reset successfully.
It asks you for the Google account that was previously synced on that device to successfully reset your device.

People mostly tend to forget the Google account information that was previously synced on the device so, if you want to do a factory reset on your device and bypass the google account verification you’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. Download Samsung SlideShare on your computer and open the application,

  2. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, which will be shown to you when you restart your phone,

  3. Once your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network it is going to take you to the Google account verify page,

  4. Via a USB cable, connect your phone to your PC which we left running with the SlideShare app,

  5. When you’ll do that it should show you three options to choose from; namely: Galaxy Apps, Chrome & Internet.

  6. Then tap on Chrome and type the following link on the search bar:

  7. It will automatically redirect you to a page where there is a quick shortcut app which you’ll have to download.

  8. Then tap on the back button and it will take you to the official Samsung page, click on the galaxy app logo on the page and it’ll automatically take you to the galaxy apps store.

  9. Once you’re there, on the search bar type ES File Explorer and download the ES File Explorer app on your phone.

  10. It will ask you to sign-in or create a Samsung account. Just do the needful and the app will start downloading.

  11. After it is downloaded it will give you an option to open the app, simply click on it and it should open the ES file explorer app.

  12. In the app, you’ll see a download folder. Tap on that folder and it’ll show you the apk file that we downloaded before.

  13. Tap on that file > settings > allow downloads from unknown resources.

  14. The application will start to download. Once it is downloaded, tap on open and on the search bar type Google Account Manager. Click on the arrow displayed on the left side of Google account manager and manually look for Google Account Manager (type E-mail and password).

  15. Tap on that option and tap on Try. From there tap on the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen and tap on Browser sign-in.

  16. Then just type your own email and password. Once you’ve done that, simply restart your phone.

  17. When the phone restarts, you’ll see a page saying “A new account has been added”. Do all the needful and when it asks you to restore your data just select “set-up a new phone”.

  18. After that, go to settings > backup and reset > Factory Data Reset > reset device > delete all.

  19. Just do the needful again and you’re done.

Now you can use your phone without any trouble. :smile:


Thanks for the Guide. It will be helpful to others.


Oh thanks. That was really helpful :blush: