How to Delete Words From Keyboard Android


Hi. Can anyone tell me how I can delete words from the keyboard? It keeps on learning unnecessary words.


It’s really simple at least on my phone. You just tap and hold on the word you want to delete and once it gives you the option to delete just delete it.


Which phone are you using btw?


My phone just doesn’t learn any words. I don’t know what the problem is but it just doesn’t save it.


It is almost the same for all the phones. Some ask you to press and hold while others ask you to go into the settings and delete.


Just follow these steps.
Go to your settings > language and input > tap on predictive text and then clear user data. That should clear all of your saved words.

If you want to delete just the specific words then type that word on the keyboard and tap and hold on that word and tap Delete.


Thanks, mate. That was actually really simple.


Why do you want to delete the words? It helps me so much in typing quickly and correctly.


One of the reason could be that it changes the words automatically and slows down your typing rather than making it faster.