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How To Download Any YouTube Video On Android?


I was looking for apps for android by which we can download YouTube videos but I can’t find any. Please suggest any app.

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You wouldn’t be able to find any apps on Google PlayStore that would be able to do this since Google doesn’t allow any app that would let people download videos from YouTube.


Just like @billwalker said, Google doesn’t allow anyone to download videos from YouTube and that’s the reason why you wouldn’t find any app on Play Store that would let you download videos from YouTube.
For downloading videos from YouTube you’ll need to download a third-party app like TubeMate. This is the best app in my opinion, which I use for downloading every video from YouTube. This is the only third-party app that updates very frequently and doesn’t give you any chances to complain about it.


Can you give us a download link for this app? That would be highly appreciated.


Yeah sure, you can get the TubeMate app from the link below:


How can we download the video from this app? Can you please explain?


You can refer to my previous post where I’ve explained how to use this app.


@Shayan Thanks for sharing the guidance with us it really helps.
Friend is it possible we can download any site video download like we can download via IDM any site video easily in PC and Laptops. Is it possible we can download on Smartphone? Small confusion please can you guide me to it.


Yes, there are different methods and apps using which you can download videos from different sites. You can also try searching for the same video on YouTube and download it using TubeMate.

Other thing that you can try is, go to any desired video and press and hold on that video for few seconds and it will give you a list of options like download, share etc. If it gives you option to download then you can download it directly but if it doesn’t then you can look for share option on that video and tap on that share button, then from the given options look for TubeMate and tap on it once since you can download videos from different sites other then YouTube using the same TubeMate app.

Hope this helps. :blush:


Hi harryfisher, these type of app having so much advertising and open unwanted links that are irritated. I recommend to you use this youtube to mp3 converter. This converter works with over 300 different file formats including video formats, converting them to mp3, wav, m4a, flac, ogg, amr, mp2, and m4r. Easily works on every devices, os and upload into it.


Honestly, tubemate doesn’t show any ads. And the ones it shows sometimes is completely normal and bearable. I recommend you using the tubemate app and try it out for yourself. It divides the file into 4 parts and downloads it from four different places meaning it downloads the file very quickly.


go to your chrome Search for vidmate apk u can download any YouTube video u want.


thanks for the sharing


Thanks for sharing…


Tubemate is the best app to download YouTube videos…


If you’re still searching for a free online downloader to download your favorite YouTube video, you can try VidPaw. It provides different formats and quality. You can also use it to convert YouTube video to MP3.


As an alternative, you can open a YT video in any browser and change it the next way.
Just add just add ss before youtube com. It should look like ssyoutube
This method opens a download page with your video.


now in youtube option available in it


I don’t know the android version of YouTube Video downloader, but the best YouTube Video Converter / Downloader should be Any Video Converter Free. Hope it can help you.