How to Download Chrome Browser On My Mi Box


Hey can anyone tell me how I can install Chrome Browser on Mi Box?
I couldn’t find an easy solution.


I was also trying to figure out the same thing. There are solutions on the internet out there but they are not in detail and I can’t understand it. Can anyone please help?


Yeah, sure. It is pretty simple. All you got to do is login into the same account on your PC which is logged in in the Mi Box Play Store then search chrome on your PC and click Install, it is going to ask you that on which device you want to install that and once that’s done it is going to install it on the Mi Box.


Ok. It’s that simple? Then why couldn’t I understand it before? Well thanks anyways.


How are we going to open it on the actual Mi Box?


You can either open it using the Google voice by saying Open Google Chrome or Launch Google Chrome.


Is there any other way to launch it? It doesn’t recognize my voice easily. I think there is some problem with the mic.


Then you can download an app called SideLoad Launcher, that can open any app that doesn’t show up in the apps menu.


Do we have to download that from the chrome browser too?


No, that is available in the Mi Boxes Play Store. You can download it officially.


Hi! Tried to follow the tutorial in Youtube on how to download Google Chrome on Mi Box 3. It’s the same as the instruction on the above comment. However, I still can’t download it. Mi Box 3 isn’t clickable when I try to install it. Hope someone could help me. Thanks.


I am having the same trouble with installing google chrome. The mi box box cant be clicked on when you install it this way. Is there any other alternative?