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How To Download Facebook Videos?


Can anyone tell me how to download videos from Facebook? There are many great videos that I find and want to download but there is no option to do so.
Any solutions?


Almost every video that has been posted on Facebook is available on YouTube since there are many people who download videos from YouTube, change it a little bit and post it on Facebook and some do wise verse.

So I prefer you search for the video on YouTube that you saw on Facebook and download it via TubeMate.


Is there another option since it is going to be really hard and time-consuming to find the same video on YouTube that we saw on Facebook and then downloading it.


There is another app known as “MyVideoDownloader For Facebook”.
Basically what you have to do is open this app, log-in to your Facebook account via this app and then browse through your Facebook and whenever you find a video that you want to download, just tap and hold on the video, choose the download option from the drop down list and it will start downloading.

If you don’t want to browse through your whole Facebook, what you can do is whenever you’re using your Facebook and you find a good video, just save it on your saved videos and once you’re free just log-in through this app and download the videos from the saved posts folder.


Please give us a link to this app.


Sure, here is the link to this app:


In my opinion, the TubeMate method is better and much safer since you don’t have to log in to your Facebook through a third-party app. It is a bit time consuming but in the end, you’ll be safe and you’ll also get the highest quality videos as well.


You can use Snaptube and Tubemate for downloading the videos. Both are very good.


I tried some apps from Play Store but they did not help me at all. They had so many ads and stuff and it just wasted my time.


But the one that Shayan discussed previously worked fine for me. It found and downloaded the video very quickly.


Yes, it worked flawlessly. I prefer you should try it once. The ones that claim to do this on Play Store don’t work properly. You can also try the method in which you can look for the video on YouTube.


I also download all the videos from YouTube using TubeMate. That is the best, easiest and simplest solution.


You can try to download facebook videos by site onlinevideodown[.]net which is very useful and easy to use.


Have you ever tried fbookdownload(doc)com? It should work.:smiley:


As for me, I use Joyoshare Screen Recorder, which can at same time be used to record my Facebook video calls.


Use tubemate to download.


Tubemate is the best application to download Facebook videos…