How to Download Music from Soundcloud & Spotify on Mobile Phone?


How can I download music from the SoundCloud on my Android phone?. I have used some free apps but they don’t work. Only they show ads.
Please explain the method one by one for both Spotify and SoundCloud.
SoundCloud saves music in the library after playing it one time but Spotify doesn’t work in offline mode so I need to download songs to save data.


Hi, Zaid. I think it’s illegal to download Music this way. But you can use these methods to Download your favorite Music.

Install Soundloader app on your phone, then go and play any music you want to download. Now, Click on the share button and choose Soundloader app. It will show full ad. Just click back button after few seconds and you will see song downloading in the notification panel.

There is no easy way to download music from Spotify but still, you can download it the long way. You have to install A-Z screen recorder app and then play the song while recording the screen. Save video when the song ends and then extract song using any video to audio converter. I haven’t found any other easier method yet for Spotify.

Hope this helps.


SoundLoaders look great to me. Thanks for the help.
I will find any other method for Spotify if there is.


I am also looking for method to download Spotify songs on my phone. Free version is very limited with only few features.


SoundLoader works perfectly for downloading music from SoundCloud but original version of many songs are not available there, I usually find remix or mashups. On the other hand, Spotify is the only service where I find original full version music. If anyone here knows about any app or hack to download songs from Spotify then please let me know too. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I have found the best solution to download music in high-quality 320kbps bit rate MP3 format :smiley:

I know how much cellular data these music streaming services consume everytime you listen to your music playlist. This is the reason why many are looking for a way to download music for offline listening, this way you will be saving a significant amount of data and can listen to those songs even when you have no Internet connectivity.

:warning: Disclaimer: I do not support piracy in any way. This piece of opinion is for informational and educational purposes only.

Before sharing the music downloading procedure, here I would like to introduce you to another popular music streaming service i.e. Deezer. I have mentioned this because 99% of music that are on Spotify are also available on Deezer. This also means that whatever music track you listen to on Spotify can be found on Deezer too. Interesting, isn’t it?

So to download music we will use Deezer rather than Spotify because even if you have a Spotify Premium you simply won’t be able to download music as their server uses a strong DRM encryption where it stores each song into multiple, randomly named folders. Simply put, Spotify’s one music could be in 100 random fragments.

Now you can head over to the next section where I am going to show you how to download Spotify music on Android :smiley:

How To Download High Quality Spotify Music On Android?

Follow these simple steps to download high-quality 320kbps music in MP3 format from Spotify for free:

  1. Download DeezerDownloader APK for your Android device from here and install it.
  2. Launch Deezer Downloader app and use the search option to search for any music, playlist, artist, and album.
  3. Once the results are shown, tap and hold on the music or playlist or album you want to download. You can select multiple music too.
  4. Tap on the Download button.

Your selected music will be added to the queue and begin downloading. Once done, all the music will be stored on your device.

Have fun!! :musical_note: :wink:


Thank you so much guys for your discussion. Glad to know about this. lol


Thanks @Eiinly86. You are welcome.


Glad to get your reply. lol


I’m here to share TunesKit Spotify Converter for you. It’s a smart app that can easily download and convert any Spotify song and playlist on Mac and PC. Once it’s done, you can sync the converted Spotify music to your mobile phones for offline listening.


I like use Spotify more. Besides, there are plenty of websites out there that offer free music downloads. I usually use Jamendo to get free music downloads.


Nice, Deezer Downloader works great on my android


Nice to introduce so many useful software. For Me, I often use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify Music to my favorite format, like FLAC, cause I am fastidious music fans. Besides, you can convert common format to transfer to mobile or mp3 player for offline listening.


Thanks for your nice sharing. As for me, the more as I know is about music converter. If you are iTunes users, you may have known all iTunes music are encrypted with fairplay DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only, if you are going to remove DRM protection, you may have to use a DRM removal tool like Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter to crack DRM protection and convert music from M4P to MP4, AAC, etc at faster speed with zero loss quality. After conversion, it will be much easier for you to play iTunes music on any mobile phone without limitation.


I have tried different ways to convert spotify to mp3, none of them work all the time, so I keep searching the new software all the time. The current one I am using is DRmare Spotify Converter for Mac.


Thanks Miles, I have tried this software and it really works well as advertised.


Spotify has two tiers of Spotify listening, Free and Premium. And Spotify is a streaming service, but not a downloader. You can not directly download Spotify streams to mobile phone. To unlock the DRM restrictions from Spotify, what you’ll need is a powerful Spotify converting tool, like Spotify Music Converter, which helps you remove DRM from any Spotify tracks and convert Spotify music to MP3 for offline playing. After conversion, you are able to enjoy your Spotify music songs on smartphone freely.


As for me, I prefer to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac that can not only download Spotify content but only convert Spotify songs to MP3 so that I can play them on MP3 player freely.

This Spotify converting tool is available for Mac and Windows operating system. I can use it to download Spotify songs and transfer downloaded playlists from Spotify to mobile devices for offline listening.


I recently joined spotify and tried a lot to download soundcloud music but didn’t get anything?


There is no such app to directly download the songs from SoundCloud However, you can search on Google there are hundreds of websites which are doing the same.