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How to Enable Guest Mode on Samsung Phones?

Hi guys, I have recently joined a new office and I’ve made new friends but they all are very annoying and whenever I give my phone to them to show something they always go to my photo gallery and check all of my private stuff, so I heard of guest mode from my old friend but I don’t know where it is or how to use it. Please help me.
Oh and btw I’m using Samsung Galaxy S5.

It’s basically known as Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5, it is really easy to find and turn it on, just follow the steps:

  1. Pull down the notification bar using two fingers,

  2. From the available buttons, there will be a button of Private mode(Image: Door lock)

  3. Simply tap on that button and it will start to give you a short tutorial on how to set it up and use it.

  4. Following that tutorial, you’ll come to know that you’ll just have to put a pin whenever you want to start and end the guest/private mode session.

When you’ll turn on the guest mode, it will hide all your downloaded apps, photos and give the guest a clean look of the original Samsung launcher with all the Google widgets.

So will this work on all android devices other than S5?
I am using Samsung Galaxy S8+.

No, it’s different on almost all phones but it’s really easy on your S8.

It’s basically known as Secure Folder, just follow along to turn that on;

  1. Go to settings > Lock screen and security

  2. Then tap on Secure Folder

  3. You can then follow the instructions displayed on the screen

The folder will be added to the screen, there you can add photos, videos and other important files that you want to secure. You can secure the folder by a Fingerprint scanner or pin or any other lock options.

What about Android devices other than Samsung?

It’s really simple to do that on them too. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Pull your notification bar down and tap on the avatar,

  2. There you’ll see 2 options namely: guest and you’re original.

  3. Tap on the guest avatar and after a short tutorial, you’ll be able to put your phone in guest mode. You can secure it with a password or any security option available.

And what about samsung c7 pro