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How To Find The Best Apps For Android

I was trying to find an app but it was really hard to find the best one from all of these apps. Is there a certain method to find the best apps?

The best way to find the best apps is to see the reviews and comments of the people, if the majority of the people are saying that it works perfectly fine or saying good things about it then it is a good app but if everybody is angry and saying bad things about the app then you can instantly tell that it is not a good app.

Yes, that’s the exact method that I use to check if the app is good or not. I prefer this option.

You can also check the rating given by the people on an app if the majority of the people rated 5 and 4 stars than it is a good app otherwise it is not a good app.

That’s the way I check if it is a good app or not. That way you don’t have to download every single app and delete it if it’s not good. It also slows down your device because of that.

Hmmm. He’s right, all the apps when deleted leaves their residue and some files in your phone which don’t get deleted with the app and it also takes up some space and slows down your device. I prefer when you are deleting an app, first, delete its cache and then uninstall that app so that it leaves the minimum amount of files on your device.

Just go through to ratings. It will help you.

I mostly look at the comments about what the people have to say about this app. The majority wins so if they like it then I’ll look into downloading it otherwise it will just waste my precious time. Do consider looking through the comments, they often tell you the truth.

I mostly go to the editors choice menu and look through those apps. They are mostly very nice and helpful as the people using it like it.

Just check the stars and see how many 1 and 2 stars this app has. If they are more than the 4 or 5 stars then it is a bad app and it will probably waste your time.

Yes, the comments and the reviews of the people is the best way to find the truth about the app. If they are any good for you or not.

The best way to find the Android app is Reviews, Comments and no.of downloads…etc in this way we will choose the best android app…