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How To Get The JackPot In Subway Surfers

Can anyone tell me how to get the jackpot in subway surfers? I’m very interested to get the jackpot in this game.

You will only get one change per day to win a jackpot and you will have to spend almost 5000 to 10,000 coins, so you’ll have to have more than these coins to try to win this.

So what you’ll have to do is, open the game, go to the shop and open as much mystery boxes as you can as quickly as possible and you will most probably get your jackpot after spending around 5000 to 10,000 coins approximately.

How are we going to get this much coins?

Most of the people are playing this game for quite a long time and they have earned more than this much money. But still, if you haven’t earned this much money then try this method to earn money quickly:

At the same shop, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an earn coins button. Just tap on that button and you will get 100 coins to watch a sponsored video. Do this as many times the app allows you to do so.

I prefer you should have almost 50,000 coins to 100,000 coins to do this because you’re going to waste a lot of money because this depends on your luck so if you’re going to lose all your money then you’ll suffer because you wouldn’t have any money to play.

What can we basically get in these jackpots?

You can get from 200 coins to 100,000 coins from one mystery box along with some small items and updates depending on your luck.