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How To Hatch Eggs In Pokémon Go?

Hey, I’m new to playing Pokemon go. I was just wondering what is eggs in Pokémon Go, where do we get them and how do we hatch them? Please tell me.

Welcome to the world of Pokémon Go.

Welcome child. Welcome :wink:

First of all, you need an egg which you’ll get from pokestops, there are three kinds of eggs; 2km, 5km & 10km. Km stands for Kilometers.
After you get an egg from the pokestop, you’ll need to incubate it to make it hatch. Tap on the egg and tap start incubation. After you’re your egg will start to incubate.

How does a Pokémon incubator work? Please answer.

When you place an egg in an incubator, you’ll need to walk around to make the incubator work. If you got a 2km egg then you’ll have to walk 2km until it hatches and apparently the same for 5km and 10km eggs.

That would be easy if we turn on the app, get in our car and go on a highway? Right?

Nope, it works only at low speeds which can only be achieved while actually walking, but if you use a bicycle then that would probably work.