How To Prevent Fast Battery Drain on Android Devices?


Hey guys, I am currently using Samsung’s S6, and the battery is just getting worse and worse day by day. What should I do, please help me, my phone doesn’t even live for a whole day.


Hi, it is a common problem on all android devices since all the apps run in the background to syncs every second and consumes a lot of battery because of that. You can try some of these methods, it might save you some battery:

  1. Try using your phone on low brightness,

  2. Turn of Bluetooth, NFC, location etc., if you are not using it,

  3. After using your apps, clear the recent apps running in the background,

Try these methods and let me know if the problem continues.


What if none of these work? I turn off everything as I only use the SIM for calls and messages all day long, just use Wi-Fi at home.


You can buy a new battery for your smartphone as old phones like S6, the batteries ware out as the time passes. You can take your phone to a local store or official Samsung store and they might give you a new battery for a couple of bucks.


I got my S7’s battery changed too. They just took my phone for 4-5 hours and changed the battery on the same day. I have seen a drastic change in my phones battery life after that. I love it. :blush:


Isn’t there any other option available other than getting your phone’s battery changed?


Yes, there is. You can use this app called Greenify. It is a free app on Google Play Store. It works without root but it’s not much effective without it. It works very effectively with root access as it can control all the system settings.

You can download this app from here, and grant it Super SU permission. After that, you can disable/turn off all the apps. What this does is it turns off all the chosen apps while you’re not using it and when you turn on the app it will work normally. It will turn off all the apps right after you lock your phone.

I personally use this method to save battery and I’m happy with it.


If you are facing the problem of low battery, then you can follow the steps and see the change in your phone’s battery.

  1. Turn off data and other apps which are of no use for you.
  2. When you finish with one app close it in the recent running.
  3. Use your phone on low brightness
    If these steps not help you then buy a new battery for your phone and always charge your phone once in a day not every time.


That’s what I told them above :slight_smile: