How to Root Android Mobile Phone Without PC


Hey, can anyone tell me if it is possible to root an android device without a PC? I was thinking of rooting my phone before but then I got really busy and now my PC’s motherboard just blew up and I have to root the phone now. Anyone knows how to do this?


I don’t think that it is possible. I’m not sure if it is or not but I haven’t heard anything about this topic.


Yes. Of course, you can root your phone without a PC. I don’t know how to but I’ve heard that you can do it for sure. I’m sure other people know how to do this.


Yeah. It’s pretty simple bro. The best app used for rooting your android device without a PC is, in my opinion, KingRoot. The procedure is very simple too. Just download the app from the givenlink on your device and run the app. After some time it will root your device. There are multiple apps on the Play Store for checking root access on your device.


Let me tell you how you can do it in detail. Just follow along if you want.
Firstly, download the rooting app from this link which in this case will be One Click Root. Then install the apk on your device. After that’s done, open the app you just installed and tap on Root Device. It is going to show you an ad, just ignore it then tap on scan now button which will scan your device.
Once that’s completed it’s going to start rooting your device. And now you have successfully rooted your device. If you want to be sure and check if it’s rooted, download the Root Checker app from the Play Store.


I didn’t know you could root your device without a PC. That’s pretty cool and interesting.


I’ve only heard about these two apps. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about any other app related to rooting without a PC.


There is also an app called IRoot. It is also a pretty nice and fast app to root your device. The procedure is the same as we’ve discussed above but the interface is a little different and pretty much self-explanatory.


You can do it without PC. You can try apps like Kingroot, iroot, one click root. but You should try it with pc for Secure method.