How To See The Whatsapp’s Deleted Messages?


Since the last WhatsApp update, they have added a new feature in which we can delete a message that we sent to someone.
So is there any way we can see what was the deleted message? I’m just curious.


There are several methods to do this. One of the methods which I personally use is an app called “Notification History”.
What this does is, once you’ve downloaded the app, it will show you the history of all the notifications that have been received on your phone.

So when a person sends you a message, it saved that in the history and if he deletes that message, there is a separate notification that pops-up so it will show you both the notification, the time a message came and the time it was deleted along with the message.
You can download it from below:


You can do the same thing if you are using nova launcher since it gives you more detailed options to play with.


Is there any other method to do the same thing?


I prefer an app called “WhatsRemoved”. This is a great app specifically designed and made for this purpose.

Once you download this app, you can check every deleted message on your phone without any problem. This is the best option that I prefer and I personally use this option every time, without any problems.


Please give me a link to this app.


Here is the link to WhatsRemoved:


Is your friend has deleted sent Whatsapp message to you? Do you want to know what message he sent before? You can read the message using the Android app. I prefer to “Check Deleted Messages For Whatsp” app. After install the app you can read the deleted message by your friend.

How to use the app:

  • Install This app
  • Allow required system access on startup
  • Wait for an incoming message on WhatsApp when you are not online
  • This will record and store all your WhatsApp message
  • Get notified when someone deletes sent WhatsApp message
  • You can check all received or deleted messages from this app
  • You can share screenshot of all incoming message from this app