How To Transfer Apps Between Android Devices


Can anyone tell me a method by which we can transfer apps from one android phone to another? Otherwise I’ll have to search for every single app on the Play Store and install them individually.


There are different apps out there on play store using which you can transfer apps between your android phones or other android devices.
I personally use an app called “Send Anywhere (File Transfer)”, it is a great app for transferring any kind of data whether it is an app or photos, you’ll have no difficulty in transferring things to you second or new device.
You can get this app from here.


Yes, he’s right you can browse over Play Store for transferring apps and there you’ll find many apps related to transferring data and apps which would definitely help you.


There is one more thing that you can do and that is go into the Play Store of your second or new device, log out from the logged in account and log in with your previous account that you’ve used on your previous device. Once you do that, tap on the three lines on the top left corner of the screen and from there go to My Apps and Games. There you’ll find all your apps and games that you’ve previously installed on your previous device, just select all the apps that you want to install and tap on install. All your desired apps and games will be installed on your new or second device without the need of downloading any third-party apps.


I use Samsung’s Smart Switch to transfer data from my old phone to my new phone without any headache since I only buy Samsung devices. You’ll just have to set it up once which doesn’t take any time and then it will do all the work by itself.


You’re right, smart switch is a great app to transfer data over another Samsung device. I used it a couple of times too. You people should also try it, it will never disappoint you.


Use transfer services like ShareIt. They allow you for transferring the apps as well.


As far as I’m concerned,phone to phone transfer tool can be a great choice.
I recommend you to try Mobikin Transfer for Mobile.This is specially designed for data transfer between devices.
How to use:
Step1: Connect android phone to pc and start the program
At first, connect your phone to computer via USB cable, then start the program on your computer.
Step2: Enable USB Debugging
Step3: Preview and Transfer Apps


Ow! Amazing guide…


Shareit android app is the best source to transfer apps between android devices…