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How to use Pokehuntr to catch high IV Pokemons?

Please guide me how to use Pokehuntr?, I want to catch legendary Pokemon without rooting or installing any third party app. So how I can use Pokehuntr or any similar service.
Thanks for the help in advance.

Pokehuntr shows you real time map of best Pokemon near me. Just scan the map and go to your nearest locations to catch Pokemon. I consider GYM hunter better service than Pokehuntr.
Pokehuntr does not have any data in my area. Check if shows you something.

Do I need to use any app or root my phone?

No, you don’t need to do any thing. Just scan and go there. That’s it.

Thanks for the help. I will try to see if it works.

You still playing Pokemon. I just fed up with it. Waiting to get something new.