How to Watch Movies On Android TV?


I just got a smart TV for myself a couple of days ago and now I was just wondering how I can watch movies on it. Can anyone tell me some options?


Congratulations on getting yourself a new TV. There are many ways to watch movies on Android TV but the easiest one that I know and I use is Netflix. It’s fast and easy. I recommend this to you, you should definitely try this.


If you don’t want to pay to watch movies, you can just download the movie you want to watch from torrent on your laptop or your pc and just transfer it on a USB and watch it on your TV. As simple as that.


What I personally use is an app called Kodi. I know some of you think it is very hard to use and a headache to set up. But it isn’t that bad. You’ll just need to set it up once and you’ll be free from any further headaches after that. You just have to search the movie you’re looking for and play. It’s that easy.


What you can also do to watch movies for free is download an app called terrarium TV. It’s an android app that lets you watch all your favorite TV shows, serials, and movies just in one app. It even has cartoons for kids. This app doesn’t exist on the official Play Store so you’ll have to download it through an apk file. You can download the apk directly on your TV or just download it on your pc and transfer it on the TV through a USB.
Just tap on the following link and download the app.


You can just watch it on YouTube if you want. It has some movies as well.


I personally use Netflix too and I like it so I’m just going to recommend it to everyone to use it.


I use an app called Popcorn time. It is also pretty good if you’re okay with some ads here and there.


Terrarium Tv is pretty nice I must say. I tried it once and it just has everything I need. From TV shows to movies. And it even has all the movies from YouTube Red as well. I like it a lot.